We are Candio

A team that offers a premium range of versatile, white-label digital services for technology companies.

Candio is part of the EnableX Group

EnableX Group comprises three channel businesses, Pragma, Techland, and Candio, each with its own unique proposition and support model. EnableX is focused on enabling resellers to win and access opportunities within multiple technology areas.

With over 250 reseller partners across the UK, each business within the Group has dedicated technical, sales, and support teams to ensure resellers receive the focus they need to grow their business.

EnableX has long-standing partnerships with Ericsson-LG, Ribbon, and So Connect, through their go-to-market brands to deliver Cloud communications and Software as a Service technology.

Services that will Always Generate Value

It is easy for customers to see the impact that these services are providing for them. Increasing their presence on search engines and making sure that their websites are always running effectively.

Over 35,000 businesses are already taking advantage of our Web Listing and Website Optimiser services. We provide small and medium-sized businesses with effective tools that help them to create a more professional online presence and help resellers build better long-term customer relationships.

You can even bulk onboard customers so everyone can get their new services running quickly and generating revenue.

Great Versatility for Years to Come.

Our services will help you to keep small to medium-sized businesses operating at their best.

Web Listings

Drive business to your customers with Web Listings. This service makes sure that a business’ details are always displayed at the forefront of search engines and social media, ensuring that its online presence is always up to date. This massively drives consumer interaction with these businesses, by providing them with a consistently professional image and making sure that their customers can always find them.

Website Optimiser

Our Website Optimiser makes sure that your customer’s web content never falls behind the times. Have you ever been to an older website and found that links or images no longer function? This can massively inhibit business and is a quick way to scare off potential customers. Website Optimiser stops this from happening. Making sure that your customer’s websites are always up and running can be absolutely vital to their success, so this service will always provide a visible benefit for your clients.