Why Candio?

Candio is a white-label digital services platform, providing a range of tools to empower businesses. Our goal is to help teams take control of their online presence, drawing in more customers and improving their bottom line. Our range of services provide great benefits for customers and generates recurring revenue for our partners.

Years of Experience:

Our experience in the telecoms industry means that we are perfectly positioned to access the latest and greatest new innovations for digital services.

Through our years working with technology companies, we’ve seen first-hand exactly the tools that small and medium sized businesses need to succeed. Our platform is not just for tech businesses though. These services are useful for any kind of company looking to grow their customer base.

Our business development team are dedicated to getting your digital service portfolio up and running. Once you are on board, our success team will give you the full-run down on how to utilise our range of services most effectively.

Tailor our Services to Suit Your Customer’s Needs:

If you are a technology reseller, utility company, marketing agency, or any other type of business with a base of clients, our services will help create a new way to generate recurring income.

Our services are all white-label, so you get full control of the way you present these tools to your clients. This allows you to bring consistently great results and boost your own image alongside that of your customers.

Great Versatility for Years to Come.

Our services will help you to keep small to medium sized businesses operating at their best.

Versatile Interface:

You can access all of our services through one intuitive and easy-to-use interface, so your customers can easily make changes to their websites or search engine presence.

This also provides them with an easy way to view the gains they are making, such as added traffic to their website to new reviews and customers. Our services are results driven and will provide tangible and visible benefits to your customers. Finally, our interface allows them to view changes easily.