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Candio is a software provider purpose-built to help Telecoms, MSPs, and Print providers accelerate their organic growth. We have created a range of self-service digital products that you can rebrand & resell to your customers, which focus on helping you increase your recurring revenue while improving the value you deliver to customers.

How do I increase my monthly recurring revenue?

Start selling digital transformation subscription services under your own brand

Grow your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly recurring revenue is the most important metric for financial growth. But with the ISDN switch-off looming & every customer out there looking to reduce their monthly bill your recurring revenue is going to take a hit over the next few years. And that’s why all our products are affordable through monthly subscriptions. This means that they are attractive to your customers whilst increasing your monthly bill run.

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Increase the value you provide to your customers

All our products have been purpose-built for small – medium-sized businesses there simple, easy to use & offer tangible results. And traditionally they aren’t services that you would normally sell, this means you can move forward from being their ‘Phone Provider’ ‘IT Support Company’ or ‘The guys that set up the Printer’ to a true partner within their business.

“The team at Candio has been fantastic since day one, helping us to fully understand the product and where the value lies for the end customer.” 

“Onboarding as a partner was a painless process that made taking the product to market simple. It’s clear they have a good understanding of the market and in particular, working with telecom companies and reaching their customer base.”

David Munro

Head of Product

Candio has been a great addition to our portfolio and helped us to continue to build our recurring revenue.

Candio has been a great addition to our portfolio and helped us to continue to build our recurring revenue. We were able to take this offer to our customers during lockdown last year for a free-of-charge period at a time when they needed it most. It’s a win-win for us and for our customers.

Ralph Gilbert

Managing Director

Working with Candio has enabled us to help our customers transition to a digital-first world. We were able to provide them with a free-of-charge period last year that gave them the tools to take their web presence to the next level.

Our partnership with Candio has not only enabled us to provide great services to our customers but it’s significantly increased our recurring revenue which continues to play a key role in our business.

Martin Dunne

Founder and Managing Director

Adding Candio to our portfolio has been really simple, making it a win-win for Berry and our customers.

Candio provides white-label services that add huge value to our customers and help us ensure we can support all types of businesses to improve their online presence, reputation, and performance. Adding it to our portfolio has been really simple and it has helped us really drive our recurring billing revenues. A win-win for Berry and our customers.

Paul Hallam

Co-Owner and Founder

The Candio team has helped us increase our recurring revenues and deliver a great product to our customers.

Online presence is more important than ever before, and helping our customers be found online and managing their presence is a perfect service for BDR. Getting onboard is simple, and we were up and running in no time. Candio makes delivering digital services under the BDR brand a no-brainer.

Malek Rahimi

Managing Director

Web Listings has been received by our customers as an exceptional value-added product that adds tangible benefit, and clearly, this has made a huge difference to our bottom line, so all in all, this has been a real win-win.

Thank you so much to the team for working with us, and we are looking forward to the continued relationship moving forward.

Malcolm Holland

Group Service Director

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Start selling digital transformation under your own brand

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