White-label digital services unlock a whole new world of opportunities for Telco Businesses.

White-label digital services unlock a whole new world of opportunities for Telco Businesses

Candio’s range of digital services will change the way you handle billing your customers. Our platform allows you to operate and distribute a variety of useful products to your customers, whilst retaining your own branding.

Provide your customers with more than just phones

Easily add digital services to your portfolio

Our range of digital services can easily be added to your portfolio, alongside any of the existing solutions that you already provide.

Work seamlessly with your existing platform

Our services fit alongside your existing platform seamlessly. Allowing you to create a larger and more diverse portfolio to boost your customer retention.

Tailored to fit your business and customers

Pick and choose the services that would best fit your customer base. We give you the tools and roadmap to success, and you can tailor it to fit your business.

Add more value to your portfolio

Bill your customers for a wider range of services, on a recurring subscription-based model, creating a consistent stream of revenue.

From SEO to website functionality, our services all provide a tangible benefit to your customers at a far more reasonable price point.

Bulk onboard customers to these new services. Our tools get up and running quickly so your customers will see results straight away.

Featuring plenty of useful analytics that you can brand to your business, your customers can easily see the great functionality that you are providing them with.

Move forward at your own pace

Choose your services

You can choose which services best suit your customers and how to onboard them. Flexibility is one of our platform’s defining features.

Book your training

We offer training in how to best utilise our tools, from Web Listings to Site Optimiser, so you can always support your customers throughout the onboarding process.

Track the

Through our user-friendly dashboard you can see exactly where the added value of your portfolio is coming from, and how our services are helping your customers.