Success Plan

Our FREE onboarding plan will help you to get your digital services portfolio up and running quickly.

The secret to success when launching any new service is a great onboarding strategy. At Candio, we have that covered.

We want to make onboarding as quick and easy for you whilst also being effective. We handle 90% of the process using a simple online management tool. This allows every member of the onboarding process to see which roles they are responsible for, and when they need completing by.

Our customer success team will oversee the process from start to finish to make sure that we can launch by a deadline that suits you.

1. Agreement

The first step is signing the agreement. we generate a three-party contract between ourselves, you and SO Connect, the developer of our services.

We’ll then arrange an onboarding webinar. Making sure all the relevant departments are introduced to each other and most importantly agreeing a launch date.

2. Data

When the contract has been signed, we’ll begin building your White-Label Dashboard. Once this is done all you have to do is provide the customer data required for the onboarding. All we need is company name, company address, billing reference and customer username, which you should be able to find in your CRM or billing platform.

When we have the data, we ‘Enrich’ it to see the state of your customers’ current data online. We can even provide this file back to you to improve the information you store in your CRM.

3. Email

Once the enrichment process is complete, we’ll ask for your approval on the welcome email. We’ll provide you with a template and your design so we can meet your brand guidelines.
Your welcome email contains two important things:

  • First, is your customers’ current online state. We’ll tell each of your clients how effective their current online presence is, including any missing fields or incorrect information.
  • Second, is a link straight to their dashboard so they can start updating their information and start improving their content right away.

4. Training

Our customer success manager, Karen, will arrange training with your sales team to give them a product overview and cover all the common issues that they may face.

Karen will also arrange provisioning training with your team to make sure that they know the basics, from how to set up and cancel services, to resetting passwords or usernames.

Unlike other white-label services, our onboarding and training service is completely free, so you can get up and running straight away.

5. Launch

Once the onboarding process is complete and you are happy with your branding, we make your subscriptions go live and send the welcome email out to your customers. That’s all there is to it!