Dark Web


The dark web is a hidden corner of the internet where cybercriminals operate with near impunity. It’s where stolen data, hacking tools, and illegal activities thrive. We scan the dark web and alert customers if sensitive business information such as passwords, emails and credit card details are found.

What exactly is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is the active scanning and tracking of activities occurring on the hidden and often illicit sections of the internet known as the dark web. If SafeWeb identifies any mentions or exposures of sensitive data such or information associated with their organisation, we’ll alert your customers.

24/7 Monitoring

SafeWeb scans the dark web for the latest data breaches 24/7

Exposure Report

Each month, customers will receive a detailed analysis of their data breaches

Breach Alerts

Receive email alerts as soon as we find a new data breach

Take Action

Our support team are on hand to help assist following a data breach

How Dark Web Monitoring Works

Over 22 billion stolen data records exist on the dark web

And the odds are high that your company’s data is part of this staggering figure. In fact, 78% of new SafeWeb users have discovered breached data they were previously unaware of.

If my company’s data is out there, what can I do to get it back?

While you can’t get your data ‘back’, you can mitigate the chance of harm. And that’s where SafeWeb can assist. By sending alerts about breached data, credentials can be changed, accounts locked down, and access and data records reviewed, helping avoid further harm.

What could happen if I don’t act after a breach alert?

The imminent risks are two-fold. Commonly hackers will try to breach your accounts and spend your money, often with irreversible consequences. Alternatively, hackers will hold your accounts to ransom, cutting off your core critical services or even exposing your sensitive data.

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