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Enable Your Customers to Take Control of Their Business Listings

Increase revenue while helping your customers to attract more business with Web Listings

Start selling digital transformation under your own brand

Easily bulk onboard your customers

Simple to Deploy

Bulk onboard your client base and get any number of our range of digital services up and running quickly.

Easy-to-use Platform

All of our services are operated through one intuitive API, your customers can upload their info and see great results quickly.

End-to-end Management

Operate these services entirely under your own branding, allowing you to maintain positive relationships between you and your customers.

Rank for local searches

Rank Above Your Competitors & Get Found

Web Listings is designed to help businesses to gain visibility by putting them at the forefront of search engines, social media and more. In order to be seen by potential customers, a business needs to have their important information visible at all times. Web Listings does this all for you. You can onboard your customers in bulk, and they can start seeing results quickly.

Rank for local searches

Keep Your Customers Updated in Real-time

No matter the situation, through the Web Listings portal, businesses can change their information quickly and easily, so potential customers always stay up to date. If a business is displaying out-of-date information, potential business may be driven away. Web Listings prevents this by making sure businesses are always maintaining a professional and correct image.

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Grow your revenue with web listings

Search Engines

Appear at the top of Google searches and more

Websites that have the most detailed information about their opening times, locations and services offered always appear further up search engine results.  Consumers are visiting websites less and less, so making sure that your information can be found on Google, Bing and more is essential.

Social Media

An up-to-date social media presence is vital

The modern consumer doesn’t just look for the service that they need on search engines, they also use Facebook, Instagram and a whole host of other social media platforms. Making sure that your business has all of their information on these services can bring in a whole new customer base.

Sat Nav

Help people to find your business

Sat Nav technology is steadily getting smarter and its user base is growing. If your business doesn’t show up on Uber, Waze or other services, you are turning away many potential customers. Web Listings makes sure your details are up to date and every customer knows where you are.

Keep Updating

Keep your customers coming back

One of the best features of Web Listings is its ability to let you change information quickly. If your business is changing in any way, whether you’re opening a new location or starting a new service, Web Listings means you can tell your whole customer base right away.