Discover a world of new services to bring to your customers. Our solutions are designed with your clients in mind.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Add value to the service you provide customers. With your customers receiving more and more calls every day saying your competitors can do it for cheaper, give them a reason to say no. We’re sure you provide a fantastic service already. However, increasing the services a customer has with you can only be beneficial

Increase your Recurring Revenue

With a lot of your customers already paying you monthly for services like Office 365 and other SaaS applications, working with Candio will allow you to introduce a whole range of digital products that are less than £10.00 per month.

No Lengthy Sales Process

You spend a lot of time and money training your sales and engineering teams, then after all the time and effort, it takes you ages to sell one – and it becomes a nightmare to maintain. Sound Familiar? With our digital services, all your customers will get a free trial and receive automated results. We will even cover the pain points to demonstrate why they need the service. Finally, if the customer has any issues, they can log a support ticket directly through the service, and our trained engineers will resolve it for them. Simple.

The Average Result of an MSP Becoming a Candio Partner

+ Annual Revenue £160,000

+ Annual Revenue £160,000

+ Annual Profit £80,000

+ Annual Profit £80,000

+ Business Value £560,000

+ Business Value £560,000

Providing functionality for businesses in any industry

No matter who your IT solutions are built for, our services provide great functionality for any business.

Our services all provide a tangible benefit to your customers at a far more reasonable price point.

Bulk onboard customers to these new services. Our tools get up and running quickly so your customers will see results straight away.

Featuring plenty of useful analytics that you can brand to your business, your customers can easily see the great functionality that you are providing them with.