Candio Bangs Their First Award!

Thursday 1st July 2021 was a special date. Not just because it was the first time we ventured out as a team in nearly 18-months and to the dazzling heights of London of all places, but Candio won their first-ever award!

The Candio team are delighted to have been recognised by Comms Dealer and the team of judges as winners of the ‘Service Provider Billing and Finance Team of the Year’ award.

Judges revealed that “Candio’s ability to successfully onboard over 50,000 customer locations to a new service in its first 6-months shows the true capability from their dedicated team.”

Will Morey, Managing Director at Candio, added: “A huge saving grace for many businesses within the last 18-months has been recurring revenue. Candio has aided this challenge first-hand with the assistance of the Billing and Finance team, who have done a brilliant job of onboarding thousands of new locations to the service and enabling new recurring revenue streams to over 50 reseller partners. It’s great to see the team getting the recognition they deserve.”

The return to a live event wasn’t the only thing that most people were out of practice for – for most of the Pragma team, no one could remember the last time they went on public transport, nor did anyone have a great understanding of what ‘garden chic’ entailed!

The long 18-month wait to be reunited as a group with the rest of our channel partners was definitely worth it. Experiencing Comms Dealer’s first alfresco event was an elegant affair, with the team bringing their awards-chic a-game to the party. And to top it off, the latest covid regulations meant the team were mask free and available to enjoy an afternoon catching up with other channel partners and resellers.

Here’s to the first of many (hopefully), Candio awards!

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