Drive more business by improving customer experience with Web Listings

Many people assume a customer’s journey begins with a telephone call or a conversation – it doesn’t. This may have been the case 10 years ago, but now 90% of customers will begin their search online and explore a variety of touchpoints before engaging with a business. The key to improving customer experience comes from ensuring a customer can find your business online.

Streamlining this journey and optimising the way a customer finds a business is made easy with Web Listings. Index business information on over 50 online listing platforms through one easy to use dashboard and ultimately enable a customer to find the business online and read what they want to hear. 

To help businesses strengthen their customer experience and define the conversion rate from a consumer to a customer, Candio has created a new free white paper guide.

Discover the importance of how a business’ listing information can affect the journey of a consumer becoming a customer. What repercussions can come from having the incorrect information listed on social media platforms or having the location pin mispositioned in apps such as Uber, Apple Maps or even a BMW’s in-car sat-nav system. 

Candio Managing Director Will Morey commented: “Following the launch of our Web Listing service we wanted to highlight just how much value it can have for a business. Customer experience is more important than ever, and Web Listings helps businesses of all sizes deliver outstanding digital experiences”.

Download your guide here to discover how Web Listings can help improve the journey your customers have in finding your business.