Candio announces new digital service Website Optimiser to take customers web presence to the next level

Expanding on its current digital service offerings, Candio launches Website Optimiser. The new service provides a combination of several digital marketing tools collected together in one comprehensive package that will take a business’s web presence to the next level while boosting the recurring revenue of the reseller. 
The importance of businesses streamlining their online presence is more crucial than ever. With over 90% of potential customers beginning their search for a business online, companies must ensure their web presence is better than ever. Website Optimiser provides businesses with a complete package to ensure their website is always accurate, secure and running at peak efficiency. Experience faster loading times, device optimisation, improved search engine results and tighter site security to name a few. All included in a monthly price that will fit in every business’s budget.
Sharing his thoughts on Website Optimiser, Daan Donders, CEO of SO Connect, had this to say: “We are really happy to take our partnership with Candio to the next level with the launch of Website Optimiser. With the demand so high for businesses to present an accurate, efficient and secure website, the new service harnesses the power for businesses to do just that at a price that will fit in any budget. Website Optimiser is designed to provide businesses with the tools to take their web presence to the next level.” 
Adding Website Optimiser to your existing product portfolio is not a long complex process, it doesn’t include the long learning curves involved with other new technologies. Once you have completed the simple onboarding process, you are ready to go and can sit back and watch your recurring revenue increase.
Candio’s Managing Director, Will Morey, added: “We are excited to launch Website Optimiser into the market and demonstrate the true value of this cost-effective digital service. It caters to the strong reseller demand for adding additional forms of recurring revenue into their businesses while providing a great opportunity for end-users to optimise their web presence and win in a digital-first world.”
BDR Group SMB Sales Director, Paul McCafferty, an established Candio partner commented: “Website Optimiser is a much-needed service that has arrived at the right time for our customers. With businesses online presence being more important than ever, it provides the opportunity for our customers to optimise their web presence for a small monthly fee, and in return, it helps us increase the recurring revenue within our business. Overall Website Optimiser is a fantastic service that adds significant value to our customers and helps us drive more recurring revenue.”
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