BDR Group Launch Website Optimiser into their SME Customers

We are delighted to announce that The BDR Group, one of the UK’s leading independent providers of technology solutions have launched Website Optimiser to their SME customers.
BDR Group have been continuously delivering outstanding growth for the last 28 years and the team are looking forward to helping them accelerate this trajectory even further with our new product, Website Optimiser.
Over the last 28 years, BDR have always looked for innovative solutions that add real value to deliver to their customers. We have now helped them launch two new services in the last 12 months securing significant increases in recurring revenue and helping their customers on their digital transformation journey.
Website Optimiser helps ensure websites are operating at their best and delivering the return on investment companies need from their most important marketing asset. The first real interaction that a customer has with a business is often their website. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience and 91% of local business websites have pages that are not found on Google.
Website Optimiser, will increase your businesses online visibility by indexing and updating your website sitemap to all search engines, help customers fix bugs easily and then provide a customer with real time alerts if their website is down or has a security issue.
BDR Group will be offering their customers a free trial of Website Optimiser to give them a taste of how the service can help enhance their business’ online presence and win in the digital economy. 
Paul McCafferty, Sales Director at BDR Group commented: “Website Optimiser is a much-needed service that has arrived at the right time for our customers. With businesses online presence being more important than ever, it provides the opportunity for our customers to optimise their web presence for a small monthly fee, and in return, it helps us increase the recurring revenue within our business. Overall, Website Optimiser is a fantastic service that adds significant value to our customers and helps us drive more recurring revenue.”
Will Morey, Managing Director at Candio commented: “BDR continue to innovate and deliver outstanding service and support for their customers. Website Optimiser was rolled out with BDR in under 4 weeks and helps organisations of all sizes make sure their website is delivering when online presence and business is more important than ever.”
We help technology resellers, utility companies, membership organisations, professional services businesses and marketing agencies deliver white-label digital services that add tangible value to end-users and recurring revenue to our partners.
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