The ultimate reseller guide to driving organic growth with white-label digital services

Organic growth is one of the most important measures that we look at when assessing success because it demonstrates the health, capability and opportunity that exist for your business.
When we think of organic growth, we often default to considering customer acquisition and driving new customer opportunities, but the reality is that a smoother route to solid organic growth can just as easily be adding new services to existing customers. As IT and communications providers, we also know that recurring revenue is king – and that’s where our strategic focus should lie.
This reminds me of my days studying business and doing my MBA, when we were all told about the simple four-box model that remains as relevant today as it was when it was created in 1957 by Igor Ansoff.
Ansoff was a Russian-American mathematician who identified a simple truth and became a founding father of business strategy.
Ansoff’s Matrix goes something like this:

The most challenging quadrant in this matrix is, of course, new markets and new products. But we at Candio believe the market penetration quadrant is where it’s at, and adding new products for your existing customers is a huge growth opportunity. It’s certainly one we’ve proven in the last twelve months can be hugely successful.
An IT and communications company’s biggest asset is often their customer base and
the billing relationship they have established for monthly services such as UCaaS telephony, calls, connectivity, support services and subscriptions. 
Candio, we offer a range of subscription-based services that are very low cost but deliver high impact for your customer base. These services are easy to onboard and require no additional resource or investment from your business to launch.
In the last twelve months, Candio has worked with technology resellers across the UK to
deliver white-labelled digital services such as Web Listings and Web Optimiser. These services help customers to be found online and optimise the performance of their website. As customers seek to transition to an online world, where performance on digital platforms is more important than ever, these tools make that journey easier.
The value to the reseller is significant, as it means you are the organisation that helps
them on this journey and the services directly drive your organic growth and recurring revenue.
To understand more about these services and what they can do for your business,
check out our website, where you can calculate the potential revenue and profit impact on your business, as well as understand how your competitors and peers have been winning with Candio’s digital services.

Book some time with Tom in our sales team to find out more about how Web Listings or Website Optimiser can provide an additional recurring revenue stream for your business.

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