Driving value with recurring revenue and digital products

Here at Candio, our proposition is built on two fundamental building blocks.
The first of these is that having an effective online presence is more important than ever. Our products address this head-on and help end-users manage and optimise their online performance.
Our product proposition has the right price point, offering huge value for money with a sub-£10 monthly fee. Another critical element for the product is timing, in that it addresses a very current challenge, as organisations adapt to an increasingly digital world accelerated by the pandemic.
The second building block is the reseller proposition. At a time when resellers recognise its value and importance, it directly supports driving more recurring revenue.
In developing the proposition, we worked with the team at Knight Corporate Finance to understand how Candio’s services could really drive a resellers’ business model and value. 
We identified 4 key areas:
1. Increased recurring revenue provides tangible benefits for resellers and massively impacts valuations and strategic value. Adding Candio’s services helps drive up the percentage of recurring revenue within a reseller, immediately makes their business more attractive and improves multiples available from private equity investors or enquirers. 
2. An impressive 50% GP drives straight through to the EBIT line, as no additional resources are required. This massive value booster requires no further explanation. Driving the EBIT is undoubtedly the most important metric in any business value or performance assessment.
3. Recurring revenues generated through a new service like Candio drives organic growth performance. This is a hugely important metric especially for those “buy and build” operators out there.
4. Digital transformation – Candio is a simple way for technology resellers to start to deliver digital transformation to their customers, something that is becoming an increasingly important area.
Performance Analysis
We’ve undertaken an analysis of our customers and grouped together resellers into three logical groups. Within these groups, we’ve then analysed the average reseller performances achieved through Candio’s products.
The three groups we created are based on customer base size:

Quickly calculate the impact Candio services can have on your business by using this simple model that demonstrates the value we add.

If you’d like to understand how Candio could impact your business, contact us today and we can work with you to build an onboarding plan.
Thank you to
Paul Billingham, David Middleton and the Knight team for helping us develop our Candio proposition and identify the positive impacts that Candio has had on the resellers we work with.
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