Candio announces new Website Optimiser partnership with telecommunication provider NT Voice and Data.

Candio is delighted to announce their new partnership with long-standing Nottingham based communications provider NT Voice & Data. Established in 1986, NT Voice & Data have helped mid-market businesses for over 30 years. The Candio team are looking forward to supporting their customers even further with the Website Optimiser digital service.

NT Voice and Data will utilise the Candio digital white-label solution to serve their customers some of the leading marketing innovations available on the market, ensuring they have an optimised web presence and ultimately helping them win online.

Their customers were offered a 60-day free trial of the Website Optimiser service to give them a taste of how it can help take their business’ online presence to the next level. With the service implemented, they will begin to deploy their welcome messages to each customer in the days.

Laura Haynes, Marketing and PR Executive at NT Voice and Data, commented: “Web Optimiser has been a great addition to our portfolio and very well received. The team at Candio have been exceptional and helped us every step of the way. The tool is very efficient and easy to use. Web Optimiser will offer a fast and smooth experience for our customer’s website visitors while helping us continue to build our recurring revenue. Overall, it’s a fantastic service to add to our portfolio.”

Candio helps technology resellers and marketing agencies deliver white-label digital services that add tangible value to end-users and recurring revenue to their partners.

Will Morey, Managing Director at Candio, added to this: “The team at NT were quick to recognise the importance of digital transformation and shaped their product portfolio around the tools that add real value to their customers. The whole Candio team have loved working with everyone at NT. The project team know their stuff and have been exceptional.”

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