7 Mistakes That Customer Service Teams Make

86% of buyers will pay for a better customer experience and it is a considered above price & product features. Keep your customers happy and turn them into positive referrals, and here’s our 7 tips on how to avoid the risk of losing prospects and current customers.
1. Listening
Listen to your customer’s wants and needs. People always say the customer is always right – but how would you know if you don’t listen? Easy one… right?

2. Questions
Make sure that you are always asking the right questions, starting with how, what and why. Don’t be too eager to jump to the conclusion as it can lead to miscommunication. If you’re unsure, ask.

3. Lies
We all know that lying is bad, therefore we don’t do it even though sometimes we spin the truth – which is usually worse. The only bad thing about making mistakes is if you don’t learn from them.

4. Friendly
Ensure that the customer your dealing with is provided with a positive experience. Even if you’ve had 20 calls of the same issue, it’s important to have a positive and professional tone as this may be the customer’s first call with you and their first impression of your customer service.

Make sure you know everything about the product they have purchased from you – this will lead you to resolving issues quicker as you’ll understand the problem better. After all, customers are paying you to be the expert in the product they have purchased.

6. Technical Talk
The biggest challenge is making something technical sound simple, but the best way to start doing this is to stop using acronyms & jargon.  You can’t be in that much of a rush!

7. Taking Customers for Granted
The bottom line is – no customers, no business. Make sure you customers feel valued because as a CST, that’s what you’re there for.

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