Win Online with Website Optimiser

Candio is a purpose-built organisation to help Telecoms, IT & Utility companies increase recurring revenue. Partnering with Candio will give you access to a range of self-service products designed to help Small to Medium businesses improve their online visibility whilst increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

One of those Tools is called Website Optimiser & in this post, we will cover how your technology company can ‘Win with Website Optimiser’.

What is Website Optimiser?
The first real interaction with your business is your website. Now more than ever, companies must rely on their website instead of their physical location to inform customers about their products and services, create trust, and sell more.  However, the average website of a business is far from good and fails in the following areas.
·      Websites can be slow to load, not mobile optimised and unsecure.
·      In many cases, it’s not even appropriately indexed in search engines. This means Google or Bing does not find the website URL or at least many pages from their website.
·      And when searching on their main keywords (like company name), not even show up on the first page of results.
But optimising and maintaining a website is very expensive, requires knowledge and cost many long hours of work by you or your agency, and that’s why we built Website Optimiser:

An easy-to-use product that automatically improves a website. We scan your webpage and let you know everything there is to improve.

What does Website Optimiser do?

Ensure your website is easily found
Website Optimiser scans your website, updates your sitemap, and automatically indexes it on search engines—the result? More online visibility excellent user experience on your website.

Detect bugs and get real-time alerts
We’ll detect any website issues and give you the tools to fix them with a few clicks. If your website goes down or has a security leak, our real-time alerts ensure you’ll always be the first one to know.

Quickly improve your website ranking
Website Optimiser will provide you with all the insights you need to stay ahead of the competition. See your search engine rankings on the crucial keywords for your business and learn how to succeed with an automated SEO tool.

Why should you sell Website Optimiser?
·      Very relevant product for any business
·      Instant value without interaction is needed for the customers (indexing, findability, alerts)
·      Easy onboarding (we only need the website URL)
·      White-label dashboard or iframe integration
·      Extended partners reporting.
·      RRP Pricing £9.95 per month per website with 50% Margin for partner
·      A 60-day free trial that automatically enrols into a paid monthly subscription
We pulled all the best and relevant features and tools into one product. When you look online, you can only find competitors that offer similar features separately but even for that, asking way more than way does for the entire product.

Final Thoughts
If you’d like to find out more about Website Optimiser, click here to watch a short video or feel free to join our LinkedIn event on Tuesday, Feb 8th.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Candio partner, click here to arrange a meeting with our BDM, Tom Chedham.

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