Candio: Who are we and how can we help?

Candio are part of the EnableX Group.

EnableX Group comprises three channel businesses, Pragma, Techland and Candio, each with their own unique proposition and support model. EnableX is focused on enabling resellers to win and access opportunities within multiple technology areas.

With over 250 reseller partners across the UK, each business within the Group has dedicated technical, sales and support teams to ensure resellers receive the focus they need to grow their business.

EnableX has long-standing partnerships with Ericsson-LG, Ribbon, So Connect, through their go to market brands to deliver Cloud communications and Software as a Service technologies.


There are two major challenges technology resellers are having to overcome.

1-     Monthly Recurring Revenue: With Customers swapping from legacy solutions like ISDN to VOIP; on average, customers will save 50% which means technology resellers’ bill run is set to decline with the 2025 switch off.

2-     Value: Customers need to get value from their existing suppliers. It’s not enough anymore to just sell VoIP, connectivity and mobiles. You need to offer a full set solution to resolve all problems their business faces.

We have created a range of white-label digital solutions that we work with partners to rebrand and launch to their customers by offering your customers a 60-day free trial of either Web Listings or Website Optimiser.

Web Listings: provide your customer with a single dashboard to instantly update business information on over 50 online platforms – from Google and Apple Maps to Waze, Uber, and Facebook.

Website Optimiser: Optimise your customer’s website for performance, a full audit to detect bugs, and give real-time alerts and ranking analytics.

At the end of the free trial, if the customer hasn’t cancelled you add it to a bill you already provide them at sub £10 per month.

Based on current partner success, after 12 months 70% of your customers are paying you an additional £10,00 per month. 50% of which is gross profit, which will go directly to your EBIT & increase your business value.

Final Thoughts…

If you are a technology reseller looking to grow your recurring revenue & introduce new products to your customers click here to get in touch with Candio & find out more.

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