Are you struggling to sell cyber security to your base?

Are enough of your SME customers taking Cyber Security seriously? Throwing all the facts at them, and they are of the mindset that ‘we are too small for anything bad to happen to us’?

Well… let Candio help!

We have the silver bullet you’re looking for, and it’s called SafeWeb

Based on a domain, SafeWeb scans the Dark Web and informs your customers about sensitive information that’s been found online, like passwords, emails, or credit card details. They’ll receive a monthly report with their latest breaches that also includes helpful advice and guidance on the actions they should take to stay safe.

Working with Candio, you can launch SafeWeb to all of your customers free for 30 days. During this time period, they’ll receive a report highlighting all the information about their business on the Dark Web. Our partners have seen an influx in calls into their team with customers asking questions like ‘Oh God, have I been hacked – what should I do?’ and ‘How can you help me stay safe online?’.

For those customers that don’t contact you straight away, you can use your Candio partner portal to target the customers with the most data breaches.

At the end of the 30 days, you can then simply add the additional charge of SafeWeb to the current customer’s invoice.

Candio will provide all the Marketing, Onboarding and Training; simply sit back and watch your Monthly Recurring Revenue and Cyber Security sales increase.

Get in touch with a member of the Candio team to find out more about SafeWeb, the Dangers of the Dark Web and the success you could have working with Candio.

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