Candio Partners with Meraki for SafeWeb: Strengthening Cybersecurity against Dark Web Threats

Candio is thrilled to unveil its latest collaboration with Meraki Communications, marking the launch of SafeWeb – a crucial cybersecurity solution designed to shield user data from dark web misuse. This innovative product will revolutionise online safety and provide comprehensive protection against emerging threats.

Meraki Communications, based in Fareham, Hampshire, has emerged as a prominent telecommunications systems supplier in southern England. Their commitment to exceptional service and unrivaled expertise has positioned them as leaders in the industry. With a shared vision to stand out from the competition and cater to customers nationwide, Meraki is the perfect partner for Candio.

The Candio team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with Meraki and jointly serve their customers, shedding light on the dark web with SafeWeb. By combining their strengths, Candio and Meraki aim to create a safer online environment for businesses and individuals alike.

Through this partnership, Meraki will provide SafeWeb, an indispensable tool that scans the dark web and promptly alerts customers about compromised sensitive information such as company passwords, emails, and credit card details. Armed with this knowledge, users can take swift action to safeguard their digital assets and maintain a secure online presence.

Candio specialises helps many industries, including technology resellers, utility companies, membership organisations, professional service businesses, and marketing agencies. Their primary focus is delivering white-label digital services that yield tangible value for end-users while generating recurring revenue for their partners.

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