Candio announces SafeWeb partnership with Connect it

written by Tom Chedham

Candio is delighted to announce a new partnership with Connect it. Together, they are launching SafeWeb, a vital new cybersecurity product that protects users’ data from misuse on the dark web.

Partnerships with leading telecommunications industry suppliers allow Connect-it to offer independent advice, with full confidence in all their products. Connect-it specialises in providing business telecom solutions, from mobile and land-line tariff analysis to network and call centre design. Their extensive hardware and service portfolio allows clients one point of contact for any requirement.

The Candio team are looking forward to working with them and their customers to improve shine a light on the dark web with SafeWeb.

Connect it will be working with the Candio team to offer their product SafeWeb. SafeWeb scans the Dark Web and informs their customers about sensitive information we’ve found – such as company passwords, emails, or credit card details. With this knowledge, they can then act and stay safe.

Bryan Davis, CEO ‘“I’m thrilled to announce the launch of SafeWeb, a revolutionary cybersecurity product that safeguards users’ data from the shadows of the dark web. At Connect it, we’re excited to partner with the Candio team to shed light on the dark web and empower our customers to protect their sensitive information. SafeWeb scans the darkest corners of the internet, uncovering potentially compromised data such as company passwords, emails, and credit card details. With this critical knowledge, our customers can take proactive steps to ensure their safety and security in an increasingly digital world. Together with Candio, we aim to make the internet a safer place for all.” – Bryan Davis, CEO of Connect it”

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