Introducing SafeWeb Plus: Privacy Toolbox

What is Privacy Toolbox?

GDPR compliance can be a complex and demanding journey, but SafeWeb Plus makes it manageable for SMEs with our Privacy Toolbox. 

This feature is a comprehensive suite of templates, checklists, and resources designed to help small businesses meet GDPR requirements efficiently and effectively.

Why is it important?

Fines for a breach of GDPR regulations can reach 4% of your company’s annual revenue and a lot of businesses especial micro, are turning to AI Tools like Chat GPT to create important documents like a company’s privacy policy or data breach policy and incident form response letter, which isn’t great and can result in fines.

How Does It Work?

We have 40+ Legally approved documents that comply with latest ICO guidelines a customer can download and fill in their details. We’ll then notify the customer of any changes to guidelines and update documents where and when needed.

This is one of many features of SafeWeb Plus If you’d like to set up a demo to see how this can benefit your customers, get in touch now. Keep your eyes peeled for our follow up blogs introducing each sub product in more detail.

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