7 Reasons Why Telecom Companies Should Be Selling Digital Services

Looking for the next product to add to your portfolio or just confused why more and more of your competitors are partnering with Candio to sell digital services?

Whatever your reason for reading this blog, here are seven simple reasons why you should add digital services to your product portfolio, but if you only have time for one reason, scroll down to reason 4.

  • Reason 1: Improve Customer Loyalty

Add value to the service you provide customers. Telecoms is one of the most competitive markets in the UK. With your customers receiving more and more calls every day saying other companies can do it for cheaper, give them a reason to say no. I’m sure you provide a fantastic service already. However, think how difficult it would be to move away from you if you provide their line, calls, broadband, telephone system, Gas, Electric CCTV, and you manage their online presence.

  • Reason 2: Increase Your Recurring Revenue

With more and more of your customers needing to upgrade to VOIP due to the ISDN switch off, they will either be doing that via your company or someone else. It is better to have something rather than nothing, and you can find the difference by selling one of our digital services, which are all monthly subscriptions.

  • Reason 3: It’s Simple 

There is nothing worse than spending time and money training your sales and engineering teams, then after all the time and effort, it takes you ages to sell one – and it becomes a nightmare to maintain. With our digital services, all your customers will get a 60-day free trial, so they can see and receive automated results. We will even cover the common pain points by running a free online scan to demonstrate why they need the service. Finally, if the customer has any issues, they can log a support ticket directly through the service, and our trained engineers will resolve it for them. Simple.

  • Reason 4: Got You

All the reasons are equally important. But now that you are here, you might as well check them all out.

  • Reason 5: Drive Your Business Value

We worked with the team at Knight Corporate Finance to understand how the Candio services could really drive a resellers business model and value. In doing this, we identified three areas:

  • Increasing recurring revenue provides tangible benefits for resellers and massively impacts valuations and strategic value.
  • 50% GP drives straight through to the EBIT Line, and no additional resources are required to launch a Candio service.
  • Recurring revenues generated through a new service drives organic growth.

Click here to read the full report.

  • Reason 6: Telecoms Industry Invented SEO. 

For all you Gen-Z & Millennials out there, before Google, there was this thing called the phonebook, which listed businesses A-Z by industry. It was very straightforward, and you didn’t need to be a genius and understand digital marketing to get to the top of the listings. It used to drive how businesses named themselves (See Apple vs Atari).

So, while the phonebook was a useful tool, Telecom companies charged for phonebook entry every month, and businesses would then pay for it. But as the phone book died away and search engines rose, the charge died away and wasn’t replaced by anything – it was just a cost-cutting exercise.

  • Reason 7: It’s Easy To Get In Touch

Booking a meeting with Tom, our Business Development Manager, is extremely easy.

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Try it… see how easy it really is! (If you made it this far…)