Announcing Candio’s new Web Listing partnership with Telecom reseller, Rubix VT

The telecommunications specialists in Sussex have partnered up with Candio to provide their customer base with the white-label digital service, Web Listings.

Further enhancing their goal ‘to help your business succeed’, the Rubix team will utilise the innovative digital white-label service to ensure their customers can succeed in an online environment by providing a winning capability to their online presence.

Rubix VT are experienced pioneers in helping businesses improve their productivity, professional communications, resilient connectivity and streamlined business efficiency so are no slouch in knowing their way around helping their customers out and helping them achieve additional growth.

The Rubix VT team will utilise the Candio white-label digital solution to serve their customers some of the leading marketing innovations available on the market today, ensuring they have a wide reach of accurate and consistent online business information listed on over 50 platforms. Overall, supporting each of their customer’s businesses to win in an online environment.

To demonstrate the significant the service can help enhance their customers’ online presence and contribute to them exploiting success online, Rubix have offered their existing customers a free 60-day trial of the Web Listings service. The team has already started to implement the service to their customers and will begin their welcome messages in the coming weeks.

Managing Director at Rubix VT, Nick Poyner, added: “Ensuring we are doing our best to help our customer’s businesses succeed comes second nature to us, so implementing Candio’s Web Listings service into our digital portfolio was a true no-brainer. We’re proud to be able to help our customers succeed with their goals from all angles and are confident that the new white-label service will only add to what we already have in place with them.”

Candio helps technology resellers, utility companies, membership organisations, professional service businesses, and marketing agencies deliver white-label digital services that add tangible value to end-users and recurring revenue to their partners.

Candio Business Development Manager, Tom Chedham, commented: “Working with the Rubix team is another exciting opportunity for Candio because of their vast experience in helping provide businesses with the latest technology. I’m looking forward to start working with Nick and the team to bring an enhanced level of online presence to their customers.”