The 65% Rise of ‘Zero-Click’ Searches in 2020

Marketing automation giant Hubspot recently published a statistic that zero-click searches had risen 65% in 2020. But what does that mean?
Well, it means people got what they needed from the search results alone and didn’t click into any site.
Still unsure? Let us explain a little further.
The buying experience has changed, and for once, it’s not due to the pandemic. When we’re searching for a business or a service on Google, the result that we would click is the one with the correct contact number, a professional-looking cover photo and good reviews, right?
From a user experience, we no longer go crawling through a company’s website to find out further information. Why would you? All the information you need is there, right in front of you. Why waste time?
So, let’s pick that a little. We automatically assign Google as our trusted advisors after typing a phrase into their search engine. Just from this, we usually would choose the business that they recommend from their search outcome. 
How does Google decide on who they trust?
First are ads. Those companies that pay money to optimise their keywords and SEO will appear further at the top of the search list. However, due to the vast costs associated with these projects, small/medium businesses may not have the funds to throw at advertising like some of their bigger competitors.
What can you do as a small/medium business to get to the top?
You need to ensure your information is consistent, complete, recent and verified – and that’s exactly what our Web Listings tool will do for you! For the price of £8.99 per month, Web Listings will do the following for you:
Make your data recent: Web Listings continuously loads the same data onto each platform, so your data always seems fresh and will therefore rank higher.

Verified: Web Listings has direct access to all online platforms. The data you enter will be verified, which means that all suggestions from other users won’t be considered.

Consistent: The dashboard will highlight where data is not the same and encourage you to update it.

Complete: Every search engine has different fields; make sure all photos, products you sell, opening hours etc are completed.

Take the SEO test: Open Google, Bing and Apple Maps and do the following:

· Search your business name
· Search for the top product your offer
· Search for the services that you offer
· Do the same again but do it in the town/area you serve

Is all the information listed correctly?
Is all the information consistent? 
Do you even appear?
Get in touch today if you would like to find out more about our Web Listings service and how it can benefit your business.

Book a meeting here with our BDM Tom Chedham, to find out how you can partner with Candio and offer all of your customers a 60-day free trial of Web Listings.

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