How to get more leads from email campaigns

Every day more than 306 billion emails are sent and received. So, how can you make sure that your email stands out, grabs your customer’s attention and then turn them into leads that will eventually spend their money with your business?
Well, here are 5 tips to create a template that works:

Know your audience. Break your lists down into customers vs non-customers and even further, if possible. By doing this, it means that you can personalise the message you’re sending, meaning the email will be much more relevant to the recipient. With a large list, all you do is try to attract everyone but at the same time attract no-one.

A study by Campaign Monitor found that marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

After tailoring your audience, you should tailor the content to ensure that its personalised. If you can, go a step further and include Contact Name & Company Name in the content.

Can you be creative and with whatever service you’re selling? Can you highlight the areas that its going to benefit that business?

Send from an email address the contact will recognise. According to Hubspot’s marketing stats, 45% of users avoid opening emails from unknown addresses.
Subject Line

Avoid clickbait or gimmicks, be direct and to the point.

Until the phrase ‘never judge an email by its subject line’ is used widely, you best believe that your subject line will be the key factor in your email getting opened.

From OptInMonster’s research, they’ve found that 69% of people will report an email as spam based on the subject line alone”
ABC & Call to Action

‘Always be closing’… right? Make sure that you email has a strong call to action. The average open rate on a ‘good email’ is 19.8%. When the reader is interested, they need to know what to do next and its your email’s job to point them in the right direction.
Designed for all Devices 

42% of emails opened in 2019 were on a mobile device. Ensure that your campaign looks good on a mobile, because a very small percentage of people keep an email in their inbox just so they can read it on their desktop.

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