How Candio services can increase the value of your telecom business

If you have made the decision to exit your business that you have worked extremely hard to build over the years, here is how Candio can help increase your business value to ensure that you maximise the value of your business.

Upon partnering with Candio and launching our services, Web Listings and/or Website Optimiser, you can achieve the following figures based on current customer base size – based on our current partners’ performance:

How does it work?

You follow our simple sales strategy:

• Provide all your customers with a free 60-day trial of Web Listings or Website Optimiser
• Candio will handle marketing and provision of services and even highlight the customers that won’t benefit from the services
• At the end of the free trial, if the customer hasn’t cancelled – add the service at the suggested RRP to a bill you already provide them
• Provide first line product support questions and manage any cancellations

Our services have a 50% margin which will go direct through to your EBIT%, as based on current partner feedback you can do all the above without any additional headcount.

Even better, there is no upfront cost to partnering with Candio! Simply pay us for the services you have launched.

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