Let’s start using ‘Simplificationalism’

You’re right… that’s not a real word. We made it up here at Pragma & Candio to remind us to keep things simple as we believe that’s the key to driving sales.

In your personal life, have you ever met with a salesperson of a certain product that uses industry lingo and you have no idea what they are talking about so you just smile and nod?

Yes? If not, here is a recent example from me… 

I’m having a door fitted into the brick wall of my garage and being awful at DIY and using the services of a local builder. The builder used phrases and words that I had no idea what they meant… but I smiled and nodded because all I know is I want the door.

However, if I didn’t know what I want and felt uncomfortable I probably wouldn’t go ahead with the builder because I’m not sure that he’s going to do the right thing.

In the Telecoms & IT industry, we work really hard to create great products & then really hard to make them difficult to understand by using acronyms:
• Web RTC

A few examples, and the same with digital marketing:

Are we really that busy that we can’t stop and say the full phrase? 

That’s one step closer to making things simple. Then the next step is when you use an industry buzzword, explain what it means and help build trust which ultimately will help you sell more.

Give it a go in your next customer interaction and see how you get on.

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