Supporting Your Legal Firm Customers’ Online Presence | Our 4 Top Tips

Now is the most challenging time for solicitors and legal organisations when it comes to generating new business. 

With a new generation needing legal support, the previous traditional marketing methods have lost their effectiveness and legal firms now need to focus on their digital presence to generate new leads.

Digital marketing is now the leading channel for professional services like legal support and it can be tricky for any firm to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. 

A lot of law firms haven’t yet embraced digital transformation and are now way behind the curve. For law firms that want to attract new clients, extend their reach, and grow their business through online marketing, we’ve come up with some tips that can help them improve their online presence.

The digital marketplace for solicitors in 2021 is a very crowded place. Research shows that every single month in the UK, there are more than 465,000 Google searches carried out for solicitors.
Tip 1: Name Searches
A significant number of people search for solicitors by Googling the name of the firm. It makes sense; you see an advert on TV, online, in a magazine, on a bus shelter, or hear a radio ad and you’re going to make a mental note of the name to look up the solicitors’ firm later. 

The most popular search found was “Thompson Solicitors” with 6,600 searches per month. If even a small percentage of those searchers eventually becomes a client, that’s a huge opportunity for any law firm. 

Using a listing Tool like Candio’s service Web Listings your customer can populate their business name across 50+ online search platforms with the correct contact details, location and opening hours.
Tip 2: Local Search
People often look for a solicitor in a specific area close to where they live. This is because people often want something, as important as law advice, in a face-to-face situation. They want the reassurance of using a local law firm where they believe they’ll get a good level of service, rather than opting for a big national firm where they don’t feel they’ll get the personal attention they want. 

For example:
“Law firms in London” gets over 4,000 searches a month.
“Solicitor near me” also receives 40,500 searches per month.

Using a listing tool like Web Listings, your customer can ensure they champion local SEO, advertising the correct location. If they are a multi-national chain, Web Listings will allow them to appear with a local presence.
Tip 3: Question Search
A search engine has all the answers. So, if anyone has a question about the law, then they’re likely to just search this question into Google rather than calling their local solicitor straight away. 

For Example:
“When to instruct a solicitor when buying a house?” receives 230 searches per month.
On average, there are 9,000 searches every month relating to legal questions.

Ensuring your customer’s website has a FAQ section, you are providing the search engine with the answers to those questions and directing the online searches to their website.

Using Candio’s Website Optimiser tool, legal firms can make sure that all of their website’s content is indexed across multiple search engines, and track their ranking against their competitors.
Tip 4: Service/Specialism Search
“Conveyancing solicitor” gets 14,500 searches a month.
“Family lawyer” averagely receives 8,100 searches per month. 

Using a listing tool like Web Listings, legal firms can highlight the services they offer in the local area across 50+ online directories. Dedicated sections on their websites with great content will also help and using the Website Optimiser tool, they can ensure that this content is optimised for best performance and fix any bugs that is preventing high SEO performance.
Final Thoughts
It’s a great time to be Selling digital services to the legal Industry and there is huge opportunities for customers to see ROI from the time they invest into digital marketing.

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