Partner Spotlight: HighNet

Since 1994, HighNet have been providing businesses with cutting edge telecoms solutions. Helping customers by giving them expert advice and supplying them with the best communications package to thrive in today’s world, all backed by their award-winning 24/7 customer support team. 

HighNet operate their own ISP network so that they can provide end-to-end management of customers connectivity with 24/7 UK-based support, this means HighNet can provide voice and internet services which are highly resilient and designed specifically to meet customer requirements. The Multi-Million Pound infrastructure is there to ensure that quality and reliability are second to none.

After a successful customer trial at the start of 2021, HighNet launched Web Listings – giving all their customers a 60-day free trial. We were able to work through their customer base and identify the customers that would benefit from our Web Listings service the most and provide that information back to HighNet.

Having started the project at the beginning of December, we were ready to launch this service by mid-January; providing each HighNet customer with a free online data scan and a prefilled dashboard so that it is easy to understand what Web Listings will resolve and the simple steps they needed to take to update their data online.

David Munro, Head of Product at HighNet commented: “The team at Candio have been fantastic since day one! Helping us to fully understand the product and where the value lies for the end customers. Onboarding as a partner was a painless process that made taking the product to market simple. It’s clear they have a good understanding of the market and in particular working with telecom companies and reaching their customer base.”
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