Has your mobile revenue been down since 2020?

2020 – the year of working from home with businesses upgrading their telephone system so that they can continue with business as usual.

However, the rise of upgraded telephone systems saw mobile phone contracts fall by over 200,000 which also led to a decrease in many telecom companies’ recurring revenue.

Here are a couple of reasons why:
• No one leaving the house, constantly connected to home Wi-Fi means no over usage charges.
• No one travelling, meaning there are no roaming bolt-ons or roaming charges.
• Travelling staff (sales and engineers) either furloughed or made redundant and their contracts were the first to go.
•     No-one agreeing new contracts with an uncertainty on their future meant they held off upgrading their business mobile phone.

All these points have led to less mobile phone sales and less monthly recurring revenue for your business.

How Candio Can Help
If you’re currently reselling mobile services, then your business will be familiar with the importance of monthly recurring revenue.

Partnering with Candio will give you access to a range of self-service products designed to help small to medium business increase their online visibility, while increasing your monthly recurring revenue. By leveraging your customers, Candio partners on average have been able to increase monthly revenue by £10.00 per customer.

If you’d like to find out more about Candio’s services, Web Listings and Website Optimiser, click here to arrange a demo with Tom, our Business Development Manager.

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