Help Your High Street Customers Stand Out Online

Hairdressers, butchers, fruit and veg store are all businesses that can be found on a traditional English high street and are examples of businesses that rely heavily on footfall for new business.

These last few years have been difficult for these businesses for obvious reasons and the shopping experience has changed completely.

Post-pandemic, 76% of local searches result in a visit within 24 hours meaning that its likely that the person who has just walked into their local high street shop has researched the business prior to visiting.

Here are our 4 tips to help high street businesses win online:

Tip 1Create an online presence
First things first; If you search your customer’s business name on any search engine, do they appear? The first step is to make sure that your customers have claimed or created a Google My Business.

Our Web Listings tool will enable your customers to enter their company information in a single dashboard. Web Listings will then create 50+ online directories, sat-navs and search engines.

Tip 2: Correct information
There is nothing worse than walking up and down the high street looking for the store that you want to visit or turning up and realising the store is now closed. Make sure that opening hours and position on the map are always updated.

With our Web Listings tool, your customer will be able to update their opening hours, drop their position on the map, as well as add special opening hours and add relevant images.

Tip 3Know your competition
Its very likely that your customer’s biggest competitor is just across the road from them. But online, they could be miles ahead in keyword searches.

Our Website Optimiser tool will allow your customers to track how their keywords are performing in comparison with their competitors, as well as a full audit giving them a detailed plan on the changes your customer can make to improve their website.

Tip 4; Has anything changed?
Are your barber/hairdresser customers now only accepting bookings, no longer taking cash and/or offering a new service? Displaying these details can help their customers prepare for a visit, reduce confusion, improve customer satisfaction and in return gain customer trust.

With Web Listings, your customer can do all of that in a single dashboard and update it across 50+ online sites. So, no matter where your customer’s business is found – it’s displayed with the correct information.

Final Thoughts 
There are many ways to help your customers gain new business but using our Web Listings & Website Optimiser can simplify the whole process while increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

If you’d like to find out more about Candio’s services, Web Listings and Website Optimiser, click here to arrange a demo with Tom, our Business Development Manager.

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