A Small Service That Makes a BIG Difference | Web Listings

71% of local searches online result in a phone call and that number is increasing year on year, which means that now more than ever; it’s important your contact details are accurately displayed online.

As a telecoms reseller, you know how much a small-medium size business will invest in a phone system to make sure that they can communicate with existing and potential customers. However, a small to medium size business will spend less than 10% of their annual revenue on their marketing budget to get any ROI.

As a reseller, including Web Listings service with your telephony solution, just makes sense. Web Listings is one simple platform where your customer can control and update all their business listings and a result improve findability on 50+ online directories.

There are thousands of ‘Value Adds’ out there for you to sell in this article we will explain why Web Listings should be the one you should offer.

What is the value of Web Listings?
Web Listings will help your customers get found by more customers. That’s a pretty bold statement, right? Let’s explain how: 

Update in one click
We scan 50+ online platforms to see what business information is accurately displayed, missing or incomplete for your customer’s business.

Then using Listings, your customer can simply update and publish their business information in one go across all these platforms – such as Google, Uber, and Facebook. From changing opening hours, address, photos, delivery options, …etc. With Listings, we’ve got them covered.

Publish everywhere
With just one click, your customer’s update appears everywhere it needs to – search engines, social media, review sites, apps, maps and more. Listings will continuously and automatically push their business information to all platforms every month to ensure that your business information is seen as verified and recent, which will make their business rank higher.

Web Listings Success
Having deployed Web Listings now to over 70,000 customers via 75 partners over the last 3 years we have been able to track the average customer’s success.

All from paying £8.99 per month with a 50% margin for the partner.

Partner Success
In 2021 Candio partners, on average, achieved the following from selling Web Listings:

Champions in the Channel
Candio, part of the Pragma Group, are champions in the channel. Channel is in our DNA and we understand the service you require from a channel partner and how to support you with marketing collateral, training, and support.

We grow if you grow; the channel is our whole route to market we don’t have a direct sales team which means if your business doesn’t grow, neither will ours. So, we are solely dedicated to making this a success.

Scary Stats

Final Thoughts
Want to find out more about selling Web Listings? Get in touch using our contact form and one of our partner success managers will be in touch.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Candio partner, click here to arrange a meeting with our BDM, Tom Chedham.

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