Down on revenue because of the energy crisis? Here’s how Candio can bring it back up!

We’re all aware that energy prices are the highest they’ve ever been, and businesses simply aren’t switching energy contracts quite as easily as they used to before.

With Utilities giant, USwitch, advising businesses to ‘stay put’, it must be bad.

Telecoms or IT businesses that provide energy contracts as an additional revenue source are really taking the hit, with sales and revenue likely being down. It just seems as if it’s one problem after another.

However, thanks to Candio, it’s not all doom and gloom. We can help you pick up the revenue that you’re currently losing. Let us explain.

In case you haven’t heard of Candio, we are a purpose-built organisation to help Telecoms, IT & Utility companies increase recurring revenue. By leveraging your customers, Candio partners on average have been able to increase their revenue by £10 per customer per month.

As a Candio partner, we will give you access to a range of self-serving products designed to help small to medium businesses increase online visibility – in return, increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

It’s tough out there…

Sales teams are really feeling the pressure. It’s almost as if the price of products they’re selling has doubled or tripled overnight.

With businesses being reserved on their spending, they’ve got to look at alternative services that they can start talking to customers about… like our Website Optimiser and Web Listings.

“…but we aren’t Web Designers.”

You’re completely right, you’re not and we’re not asking you to be!

As energy experts or telecom champions, we’re not expecting you to be Web Designers. Our products are self-service, meaning that the customer can handle it themselves with results presented directly to them.

To help, we also provide two additional support as part of the partnership:

60-Day Free Trial: We’ll help provide all your existing customers with a 60-day free trial of our services. Web Listings and Website Optimiser require no interaction from you as a provider for them to benefit from the service.

You can simply carry on calling your customers and securing the attachment rate. We’ll even conduct research to provide the pain points for your sales team!

Training & Support: We’re here to help and enable your growth… Ask any of our existing partners!

We’ll provide your sales team with training about our products and the FAQs that you will get from customers and how you can overcome any objections.

If you’d like to learn more about turning from Energy Experts to Marketing Masters by becoming a Candio partner and increasing your recurring revenue, click here to arrange a meeting with our BDM, Tom Chedham.

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