What is the Dark Web?

Without a doubt the Dark Web has always been known as the part of the internet where criminals buy and sell illegal goods and services. 

But… why?

The dark web is in fact not dangerous or illegal to use. It has marketplaces similar to what we use every day on the surface web. However, due to the nature of the dark web it allows individuals to hide their identity making it easier for criminals to buy and sell products and services. This would be where identity thieves and hacking groups make money selling peoples personal information they steal on the dark web.

To get a better understanding of the dark web it’s helpful to understand the three levels of the internet.

So, what are they?

Surface Web:  Is the part of the internet your customer’s use every day. They simply use their internet browser and search engine to browse for websites and pages.

Deep Web:  Makes up the majority of the internet. Although not found in search engine results, your customers, are likely visit them every day. This would include their online banking,  that requires them to login. Once a customer logs in to their account, they enter the deep web. 

Dark Web: Is a small section of the deep web, it is difficult to access without special tools, software or authorization and once accessed is gained it can be just as difficult to navigate. 

Understanding the difference between the surface web and deep web is essential for how we use the internet. After all, you don’t want your customers private information such as bank statements appearing in someone else’s search results. 

How can we protect our customers?

 There are some steps customers can take help protect them against identity theft or a data breach, such as:

  • Use unique passwords for your accounts 
  • Update your passwords regularly. 
  • Sign up for dark web monitoring
  • Lock or freeze your credit reports 

They can also simply protect their information online by being mindful of what’s shared on social media, closing unused accounts and avoiding phishing attacks.

Final Thoughts

To understand more about using a dark web monitoring tool, get in touch now.

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