How much is personal information being sold for on the Dark Web?

The Dark Web has become the most well-known marketplace for stolen data and personal information. Identity thieves have been found to buy and sell individuals’ names and other associated information for money. 

But how much is their information worth to criminals?

The price of personal information can depend on how valuable it is, along with these four main factors:

  • Type of data and the demand for that data
  • Supply of the data
  • The balance of the accounts
  • Limits or the ability to reuse

For example:

Credit or Debit Card = £5 – £110

With CVV Number = £5

With full banking information = £15

Full information:

This is a full package of information including name, SSN, birth date, account numbers and other data. It make them so valuable as they can make a lot of immediate damage.

Unfortunately, data breaches are on the rise and out of any customer’s control, so this could have a huge impact on your customers and their business if they find themselves in the middle of a data breach or hacking incident. This makes it important for your customers to be made aware of these issues and for good practices to be put in place.

So what can your customers do to protect them and their business?

Although it might seem overwhelming to your customers, it is important to make them aware of what is going on, so they know the importance of protecting their personal information and data. 

Help your customers practice good habits?

One way for customers to help reduce their chances of hackers and data breaches is by creating habits of maintaining strong passwords and changing them regularly, not sharing personal information unless necessary and installing anti-virus software on all devices.

Dark web monitoring with SafeWeb is also a great way for your customer to keep their data and information safe. It provides regular alerts, giving them a report of any information or data which is in danger of identity theft and how to protect it.

Final Thoughts

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