Mtech launches SafeWeb!


Candio is delighted to announce that Mtech Communications have launched the innovative white-label digital security solution SafeWeb to their customers throughout the UK. 

Mtech’s nationwide team work hard to create bespoke communication packages for the needs of their customers and staff. Their vision is to be known as the go-to company for telecommunications solutions. They are continuing to build a welcoming, caring communications company that’s out to do good by its staff members, who in turn do good for customers.

The SafeWeb solution helps Candio partners supply their customers with protection to combat any information breaches on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is an area of the internet that isn’t accessible via regular search engines. It’s a concealed space where data is brought and sold. Therefore, it is a haven for cybercriminals to target individuals and businesses for their data.

In 2020, 22 billion new data records were added to the Dark Web. By implementing SafeWeb for their customers, the Mtech team plan to help their customers stay on top of their online security. The software within SafeWeb will continuously scan the Dark Web and inform customers about sensitive information such as your company passwords, emails, or credit card details. With that knowledge, customers will be able to act and stay safe on the web.

Martin Dunne, Managing Director at Mtech Communications, commented: “Candio has again launched another fantastic product that will give real-life benefits to our customers while continuing to increase our revenues and overall product offering.”

Tom Chedham, Business Development Manager at Candio, added: “We’re excited to add another Candio solution to Mtech’s portfolio to help them drive more monthly recurring revenue while helping their customers’ online web security. The SafeWeb solution is a great addition for the Mtech team to enhance their digital offering for their customers.”

Candio helps technology resellers, utility companies, membership organisations, professional services businesses, and marketing agencies deliver white-label digital services that add tangible value to end-users and recurring revenue to their partners.

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