How to increase business value with Candio: Pre-Sale

If you have made the decision to exit your business that you have worked extremely hard to build over the years, here is how Candio can help increase your business value to ensure that you maximise the value of your business.

If you partner with Candio based on current partner performance, you can add the following to your business within 4 weeks.

How does it work? You follow our simple sales strategy.

  • Provide all your customers with a free 60-day trial of one of our White-Label Digital Solutions
  • Candio will handle customer marketing & provision of services and even highlight the customers that won’t benefit from the service
  • At the end of the trial if the customer hasn’t cancelled add the service to a bill you already provide them at the suggested RRP (all sub £10.00 per month)
  • Provide 1st line product support questions and manage any cancellations

We had Knight run this analysis last year, if you take any one of our services and launch it to your customer using the opt-out method, these are the results you’ll achieve.

Very quickly, I’m going to take you through the middle option. if you put 1,000 customers through the opt-out method based on the performance of all our existing partners, we know that 70% of customers will still be paying for the services after 12 months. This means you’ll have added just short of £7,000 per month and £84,000 annually.

50% of which is profit and will directly impact your EBITDA, as you’ve been able to do all of this without any additional headcount or cost to your business.

Then Assuming a Valuation multiple of x7. You’ll have just added £300,000 to your business value.

Who Are Candio?

Quite simply, we are a software provider purpose-built for Telecoms, MSPs and Print providers. We’ve created a range of self-service digital products that you can rebrand & resell to your customers, which focus on helping two areas of your business: Increasing your recurring revenue while adding value to customers.


If you’d like to find out more about how Candio can help you achieve the above – head over to the get in touch page to contact one of our partner growth managers.

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