How Healthy Is Your Bill Run?

written by Tom Chedham

  • Is your bill run decreasing due to ISDN Switch off/Churn, and are you looking for ways to increase it?
  • Do you enjoy having invoiced xxx at the start of the month but want to invoice more?
  • Or do you just want to increase your monthly bill run?

I think all Telecoms, MSPs and Managed Print companies will answer yes to those questions because who doesn’t want to increase their revenue? If the start of this blog has managed to grab your attention, then let me explain how Candio can help – but before I do, let me share with you the results of an average Candio partner billing 500 SMEs monthly.

  • Increased Annual Revenue – £44,000
  • Increased Annual Profit – £22,000
  • Increase Business Value – £151,000

Not bad, right? Here is how Candio can help you achieve that:

Candio is a software provider purpose-built to help Telecoms, MSPs, and Print providers accelerate their organic growth. We have created a range of self-service digital products that you can rebrand & resell to your customers, which focus on helping you increase your recurring revenue while improving the value you deliver to customers.

Our most popular product SafeWeb is a Dark-Web monitoring tool – you know how these work – SafeWeb scans the Dark Web and informs your customers about sensitive information that’s been found, like their passwords, emails, or credit card details, so they can act and stay safe. Customers will receive a monthly report highlighting the issues and then giving them simple advice and guidance on how to fix them.

We have a unique onboarding method for partners to help accelerate organic growth – We can give all your billing customers a 30-day free trial. At the end of that, it will turn into a billed subscription that you add to the monthly invoice you send them if they haven’t contacted you to cancel. We know, based on our current partner results, that 80% of customers will still be paying for the service after 12 months. The RRP of SafeWeb is £9.99 per month, which means you’ll have added £9.99 to 80% of your customers’ bills.

If you’d like to find out more about Candio or set up a demo of product SafeWeb, feel free to get in touch via the get in touch page on our website.

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