SafeWeb Hits 30,000 Subscribers!

As of July 2023, our Dark-Web Monitoring tool, SafeWeb, has reached 30K subscribers in the UK. SafeWeb scans the Dark Web and informs your customers about sensitive information that’s been found like their passwords, emails, or credit card details, so they can take action and stay safe.

To celebrate reaching 30K customers we asked our BDM, Tom Chedham why SafeWeb a few questions to understand why SafeWeb is such a popular tool with SMEs and Channel Partners.

Q: Tom, first of all how does SafeWeb Work?

A: Based on a customer’s domain, SafeWeb will scan the Dark Web and provide the customer with a monthly reporting highlighting what information we have found about that business on the dark web. The report also includes simple advice about how to fix the issue we have found.

Q: So, Why is SafeWeb so popular with end users?

A: Its extremely simple – there a lot of cyber products in the market which even the names confuse an end user – this is simple and can be explained in a single sentence but also provides great results.

Q: What about for Partners – why do they like it so much?

A: A couple of reason – 1) it helps them grow their recurring revenue and grow organically as a business 2) helps them increase the value they provide to customers, I’ve heard from a couple of partners that customers have said I can’t leave you and cancel SafeWeb because I need to know if my payment info is on the dark web 3) Cyber Security Products are hard to sell, this is really easy and opens the door for those products which customers don’t think they need. Ultimately it creates a pain point for Salespeople.

Q: Why do SME businesses need Dark Web Monitoring?

A: All businesses need Dark-Web Monitoring if they can afford it. You don’t know what you don’t know and without tools like SafeWeb – you don’t know what information exists within the Dark Web if your company’s payment information is available for purchase on the dark web you want to know about it before a huge bill gets ran up.

Q: Is SafeWeb the only Cyber Security Customers people need?

A: No, not at all but it depends on what they can afford – its great to invest in products that protect. But SafeWeb is an alert tool – should your data end up on the Dark-Web customers can react and protect themselves.

Q: Will SafeWeb remove data from the Dark Web?

A: No, that’s no possible I’m afraid our tool will advise customers which data they need to change/update so if we find that their LinkedIn password has been compromised, we will advise change your password and change it to something secure not Password123.

Q: Is SafeWeb is so great – why not sell it directly?

A: Great Question, Channel is at the heart of Candio and the EnableX Group – we enjoy working with partners who better salespeople are than we will ever be – they already have that trust with those customers are we like working with them to tap into.

Q: If a partner wants to find out about selling SafeWeb, what should they do?

A: Contact me or a member of the Candio or EnableX Team – we would be more than happy to arrange a demo and explain the success we are having with other partners.

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