How Does SafeWeb Work?

written by Tom Chedham

In this blog, we will take a look at the 5 steps involved that makes SafeWeb and other Dark Web monitoring tools work. 

SafeWeb works by scanning the dark and deep web for any data that may be relevant to your customers business. This will include mostly employee credentials, credit card numbers and other sensitive information that is being sold on the dark web.

Once SafeWeb identifies any data related to your customers business, it performs a series of checks to determine if the data is legitimate and if it poses a risk to the business. If the data is verified as legitimate, the tool will generate an alert, notifying the business of the compromised data.

The following is the steps that SafeWeb usually goes through, for all new customers.

Scan the dark web

The first step for SafeWeb is scanning the dark web to identify any stolen or compromised data related to your customers business. This is done using the domain provided Candio and entered our specialised software that can search through the dark web’s hidden websites, forums, and marketplaces.

Identify compromised data

Once the dark web is scanned, SafeWeb will identifies any stolen or compromised data related to your customer. This can include login credentials, personal information, financial information, and other sensitive data.

Alert the Customer

Once compromised data is identified, SafeWeb will alert the business of the potential threat via email. This allows the business to take immediate actions to secure any affected accounts, reset passwords, and investigate any potential breaches.

Breach report

SafeWeb will provide a detailed reports on any compromised data found on the dark web. These reports can help businesses identify vulnerabilities in their security systems and take proactive measures to strengthen their defences. SafeWebs report will also include recommended advice and next steps.

Ongoing monitoring

Dark web monitoring is not a one-time event. Instead, it is an ongoing process that involves continuously monitoring the dark web for new threats. This helps your customers stay ahead of cybercriminals and avoid potential data breaches. Every month your customer will receive an update report with no breaches or new breaches found.

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