Introducing F One Technologies, Our Latest SafeWeb Partner

Candio is delighted to announce a new partnership with F One Technologies. Together, they are launching SafeWeb, a vital new cybersecurity product that protects users’ data from misuse on the dark web.

F Ones top priority is to offer customers accessible technology that will continuously support their business goals. Their clients receive incredibly effective phone, WiFi, and mobile solutions as a result of our affiliations and partnerships with only the best global brands. They serve as more than just a simple telecoms provider, they are a business partner. The Candio team are looking forward to working with them and their customers to improve shine a light on the dark web with SafeWeb.

F One Technologies will be working with the Candio team to offer their product SafeWeb. SafeWeb scans the Dark Web and informs their customers about sensitive information we’ve found – such as company passwords, emails, or credit card details. With this knowledge, they can then act and stay safe. 

Adam Monaghan, Tech Director, commented: 

‘Launching Candios SafeWeb to our customers will undoubtedly be a game-changing moment for our business. Not only does it showcase our commitment to their security and peace of mind, but it also sets us apart from the competition in terms of providing the most advanced data protection available.’

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