Introducing SafeWeb Plus

Following on from the success of SafeWeb a dark web monitoring tool. Candio is excited to launch a new product called SafeWeb Plus.

In today’s digital age, data privacy and protection are paramount concerns for businesses of all sizes. This is where SafeWeb Plus’s GDPR Compliance steps in, offering a comprehensive solution designed specifically for SMBs.

SafeWeb Plus includes:

Advanced Dark Web Monitoring

Our monitoring system continuously scans the dark web for data such as passwords, emails, or credit card details. We provide immediate breach notifications and monthly reports to help customers stay in control.

Incident Response

Concerned that your customer or employee data has been compromised? Protect your business and reach out to us for assistance in promptly and compliantly addressing such incidents.

Data breaches and incidents can happen at any time. That’s why we offer an incident response feature that allows users to contact a dedicated helpdesk 24/7 for immediate advice and guidance on what to do next.

Privacy Toolbox

GDPR compliance can be a complex and demanding journey, but SafeWeb Plus makes it manageable for SMEs with our Privacy Toolbox. This feature is a comprehensive suite of templates, checklists, and resources designed to help small businesses meet GDPR requirements efficiently and effectively.

AI Support

Get instant support from a trained AI chatbot we have developed in-house to ensure you get the best information immediately. We’ve incorporated cutting-edge AI technology to provide users with

practical and personalised advice. Our AI-driven system can analyse your specific request to deliver tailored knowledge.

Phishing Simulation

Send phishing simulations to your customers through SafeWeb. Training their employees to correctly identify phishing scams will protect their business. Our system will track which of your customers employees engage with our simulations and report this back to you and the customer.

Tom Chedham, Candio BDM “Our Partners have had great success with SafeWeb Dark Web Monitoring since we launched back in 2022 and one thing, we’ve realised is that Cyber Security is such a vast space and its difficult for the average SME to know what to go for. Our new product SafeWeb Plus will help a lot of businesses improve their cyber security, especially SMEs who I think are forgotten about when it comes to cyber.”

If you’d like to set up a demo of SafeWeb Plus to see how this can benefit your customers, get in touch now. Keep your eyes peeled for our follow up blogs introducing each sub product in more detail.

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