Introducing SafeWeb Plus: Knowledge Base

What is Knowledge Base?

Our Knowledge Base isn’t just a series of articles to scroll through. Its AI Support, Customer can get Instant support from a trained AI chatbot we have developed. Based on the breaches that Dark Web Monitoring finds, or support issues raised by customers our AI Support will be able to provide tailored advice and chat with the customer to ensure they get the best information possible.

Why is it important?

Finding the issues is great, but we like to provide more support customers. We can provide general advice like most products will ie ‘Change Your Password’ however our AI will be able to chat through the problem and advise next steps.

How Does It Work?

Customer asks the Knowledge Base a question and the AI will provide the answers.

This is one of many features of SafeWeb Plus If you’d like to set up a demo to see how this can benefit your customers, get in touch now. Keep your eyes peeled for our follow up blogs introducing each sub product in more detail.

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