The Three Be’s That Make a Difference

Be Found, Be Chosen, Be Trusted – The three B’s that make all the difference. 
Being found online doesn’t just relate to your own website – it’s also about ensuring that your business is listed in the directories and platforms where people are searching. Recent research shows that nearly 65% of all Google searches are completed without even leaving Google. The answer is provided from within their own content. It means that your entry in Google My Business is more important than ever. 
Alongside this, it is vital to ensure that your online identity is accurate, up to date and compelling across social media platforms, sat-nav and other directories. Our Web listings service gives you a simple single portal to manage all your online information and then automatically synchronises it to over 50 online directories, including social media platforms and sat-nav systems. This sync will then continuously happen to ensure your data is always up to date and recent.
Being chosen is about making sure that your website is constantly operating at peak performance. It is essential that your website is a safe and secure place for your customers to visit. It also needs to be delivered in the best format for how they want to access it. Mobile optimisation is about guaranteeing that you provide a great experience regardless of it being viewed on a laptop or mobile device. Your website also needs to be visible and easily identified by search engines. Services like Website Optimiser can help your website sustain peak performance by delivering a series of tools that are usually individually supplied in one package that can ensure you are chosen by and found by more online visitors.
Being trusted by your customers and prospects is critical and will help you to win online. No matter how visually pleasing your website and online identity is, people, trust people. Your reviews and star ratings from existing customers will play a huge role in how you win new business and secure new customers. Candio’s Reviews service will help you manage your online presence and interaction across all major review platforms. Through proactive management of these platforms and engaging with every review, you can learn more about your customers and see your star rating and feedback increase. A one-star rating improvement can make a massive difference for any business.
We can provide three easy-to-use low-cost tools that help businesses of all sizes win online. 

Book some time with Tom in our sales team to find out more about how Web Listings or Website Optimiser can provide an additional recurring revenue stream for your business.

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