Partner Spotlight: BDR Group

BDR Group was founded in 1991 by current Chief Executive Officer, Bahman Rahimi.

With a vision to create a company with a level playing field for all staff, regardless of gender, race or religion to carry out their work and achieve the best job satisfaction in the process. Family is at the heart of BDR’s culture, which means they work closely with customers to ensure their business solutions are suited to their specific requirements. BDR are passionate about delivering great service for customers and growing a business that team members are proud to be part of.

The BDR leadership team, which includes board of Directors and Senior Management team, is responsible for ensuring our business lives and breathes their CEO’s initial vision and mission statement. The same leadership team recognise the importance that organic growth must be complemented by a comprehensive acquisition program to meet plans for the group.

After a record year throughout 2020, BDR Group used its cash surplus to fund the trio of transactions completely independent of any borrowing. To continue their growth plan, BDR will partner with the most trusted names in the industry – confident that BDR customers are receiving the best services available.

BDR instantly recognised the value that Candio services delivered both to their customers and the impact they have on their monthly recurring revenue, being one of the first partners to launch Candio’s service Web Listings to their customers and the first to launch Website Optimiser.

“Website Optimiser is a much-needed service that has arrived at the right time for our customers. With business online presence being more important now than ever, it provides the opportunity for our customers to optimise their web presence for a small monthly fee, and in return, it helps us increase the recurring revenue within our business. Overall, Website Optimiser is a fantastic service that adds significant value to our customers and helps us drive more recurring revenue.” – Paul McCafferty, Sales Director at BDR Group

All BDR’s SME customers received a 60-day free trial of Web Listings, giving them automated SEO benefits and access to a single dashboard – where they can keep their online information consistent, complete & correct across 50+ platforms. The data is the constantly refreshed ensuring that customer’s information is presented at the top of the search engine and championing local search.

A year and a pandemic later, BDR continued to help their SME customers through challenging times by giving their customers a 60-day free trial of Website Optimiser, providing customers with a audit of their website highlighting the areas they need to improve on their website to enhance their SEO, increase security, optimise for mobile and load time.

“The Candio team have helped us increase our recurring revenues and deliver great products to our customers. Online presence is most important now than ever before and helping our customers being found online and managing their presence is a perfect service for BDR. Getting onboard is simple – we were up and running in no time. Candio makes delivering digital services under the BDR brand a no brainer.” – Malek Rahimi, Managing Director at BDR Group.

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