Partner Spotlight: Mtech

Having worked in the telecoms sector for over 20 years, Mtech Communications was established in 2018 to deliver a more customer focused service.

Mtech’s Directors set to shake things up and do things differently by investing in a knowledgeable, passionate team – creating a culture that’s honest, responsive, respectful and that gets the job done and understanding how vital communications are, now more than ever and they make sure that customers have always got the support of their team to ensure optimum performance.

Their country-wide team work to tailor communications systems to the needs of your business and your people. Their vision is to be known as the go-to company when it comes to everything telecoms and build a welcoming, caring communications company, that’s out to do good by its staff members, who in turn do good for customers.

To support Mtech vision, they have partnered with Candio to help support their customers with digital transformation. The Directors understand the challenges that face a Small-Medium sized business when it comes to SEO and Online Presence.

Mtech took their customers on a journey first helping them get consistent complete and correct information across 50+ online search engines. Using Candio’s Web Listings service, Mtech customers were able to update their online opening hours, contact details, services, and brands they offer in a single place, then sit back and monitor website clicks, phone calls & location visits.

Once Mtech helped customers climb the search engine, Mtech launched Website Optimiser highlighting the areas customers need to action to improve their website in four key areas, SEO, Mobile Optimisation, Security & performance. Then continually monitoring the website and provide alerts should they drop below competitors, website go offline, can no longer be crawled and being hacked.
Martin Dunne, Mtech’s Founder and Managing Director
, commented: “Working with Candio has enabled us to help our customers transition to a digital-first world. We were able to provide them with a free of charge period last year that gave them the tools to take their web presence to the next level.

Our Partnership with Candio has not only enabled us to provide great services to our customers, but its significantly increased our recurring revenue which continues to play a key role in our business.”

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