Partner Spotlight: Overline

Overline has been a pioneer in the UK telecommunications and office technology industry since 1994. Having started with the installation of premium PBX systems, Overline has grown into what they are today – a dynamic, customer-focused team that helps over 4,000 companies get the best business communications, Cloud and data services at affordable prices. Having built a thriving talented team of engineers, technical consultants, and support staff of which we are incredibly proud.

They believe that when customers invest in unified communications, they should not just be buying a solution for today – one that simply focuses on immediate actions. Instead, they should be investing in a ‘transformational action’ no matter how small, that will ensure the business is prepared for the future. Small slighter-seeming initiatives can result in a huge cumulative value.

Overline are confident that they will help you choose the very best mix of next-generation technology to address your specific needs. Helping you transform your communications infrastructure, future proof your business and empower your employees to work faster and smarter.

As part of their customers transformation, Overline will be able to help their customers win online. Online presence is another area of your business that is constantly changing and by partnering with Candio, Overline will be able to offer their customers Web Listings. A solution to help them champion local search, Web Listings provides a single dashboard where customers can update their online information such as opening hours, keywords, location on map and services across 50+ online search engines, directories, and navigational platforms.

All Overline customers will receive a 60-day free trial, a prefilled dashboard and data scan to see how much of their current online data is incorrect, correct & missing.

Jason Young, at Overline: “The world has changed this last year and Overline wanted to help our customers adapt to the new landscape in the most cost effective way.”

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